Procurement Planning Steps for Issuing a Solicitation

Procurement Planning: Steps for Issuing a Solicitation

Author : Graham Allen Procurement planning is foundational to preparing and issuing a successful solicitation. The following article outlines the solicitation process and while not all steps have equal weight all steps should be considered. To quote Yogi Berra, the famous baseball player and coach: “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end […]


Indigenous Procurement – An exciting new challenge

Author : Edward Claringbold Over the past three years, I have been the Procurement Lead for the First Nation Procurement Policy at my organisation. In late 2020, we took a bold step into the unknown by releasing the First Nation Procurement Policy, which was collaboratively designed and written with our First Nation Partners. Our aim […]

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The ins and outs of Collaborative Procurement

Navigating the public procurement process can be challenging enough then add in Buying Groups, GPO’s or group purchasing organization, collaborative procurement initiatives, purchasing networks, collaborative sourcing partners, they go by so many names. They can be government agencies, not for profit organizations, or private companies. Some are membership based, national, regional, or sector specific. How […]

importance of ethical procurement

The Importance of Ethical Procurement Practices in Public Sectors

Author: Helen Doucette “Accept the bid from ABC Company” said the VP of Finance to the Director of Procurement.  “I cannot” replied the Director.  “Why not” asked the VP. “According to the Competitive Bidding Law of Canada, we can only accept compliant bids. ABC’s was late and deemed non-compliant. To accept the bid would put […]

Difference between public and private sector procurement

what is the difference between public and private sector procurement?

As a company that provides education in public procurement, this is perhaps the most common question that arises. While there are many similarities, the nuances of public legislation and free trade requirements create a procurement environment that is more regulated, demands a greater level of transparency, and requires vigilance to stay on top of the constantly […]

vendor performance management

Communication Tips for Better Vendor Performance Management

By The Procurement School Without effective communication, relationships with your procurement partners can quickly become stagnant. This and undoubtedly negatively impact your team’s vendor performance management strategy and outcome. To nurture a supplier relationship that optimizes outcomes for both parties, performance management should be an ongoing and continuous process. Relevant feedback delivered when the supplier […]


6 Best Practices for Public Procurement in IT within Canada

The procurement of IT components and services comes with its own unique set of challenges and responsibilities.  This encompasses cyber security and other IT services, hardware, and software products. One must aim to meet all business requirements and maximize the value of spend. Below we offer best practices for mitigating the many different areas of […]

statement of work requirements

Why Procurement’s Statement of Work/ Requirements is Essential for Effective Contract Negotiations

By The Procurement School A Statement of Work (SOW), also referred to as Statement of Requirements (SOR), is a detailed description of the goods and/or services to be supplied under a contract. The job of the document is to clearly stipulate all services and deliverables required to fulfill a contract by defining the tasks or […]

procurement whistleblowers in Canada

Canada, We Have a Problem

The era of whistleblowing and the need for transparency and supportive legislation in public procurement By The Procurement School Whistleblowers can change the world. And the world needs changing. As dramatic as it may sound, real change requires brave actions and loud voices.  However, unveiling corruption and fraud can come with repercussions and grave consequences, […]