Public sector: RFx Templates & User Guide

The Procurement School proudly presents its latest innovation: RFx templates crafted
for use by the Canadian public sector to meet the stringent standards of trade

Our best-in-class RFx templates redefine simplicity and efficiency, empowering your
team and potential bidders. Whether you’re a small organization without a dedicated
procurement department or a large entity seeking centralized procurement solutions,
our templates are tailored to fit your needs seamlessly

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Who is this for?

  • Decision makers/project sponsors/person responsible for the procurement function in any organization: COO, Treasurer, VP Finance, Director Procurement, Procurement Manager, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Buyers, procurement staff, Department heads, Line managers

Pain areas

  • When the organization is using overly long and legalistic RFx templates what happens is (a) excessive staff time spent preparing documents, (b) bidders don’t bother bidding as it is too hard to bid, takes too much time, (c) internal clients struggle with the RFx template, filling it out wrong or changing the base template (our model addresses this), (d) bids being rejected because information was not clear and Bidders fail to submit compliant bids
  • When the organization does not have RFx templates, they are nervous about legal and non-compliance issues.
  • No procurement expertise onsite hence there is (a) worry about lack of knowledge, (b) lack of expertise preparing a RFx document, (c) seen as a big risk Our RFx model addresses these pain areas

Key Components

  • Request for Proposals (RFP): When the process involves qualitative evaluation
    of bids.
  • Request for Quotations (RFQ): For a low-priced based selections.
  • RFQ-Lite and RFP-Lite: Simple templates for low-dollar value purchases.
  • Request for Information (RFI): For gathering information prior to competitive
  • Scope of Work: To help develop consistent specifications for goods, services,
    insurance, and contract security requirements, complete with pre-packaged
  • Technical Bid Form: Simplifies the bidding process with a user-friendly bidder
  • Financial Bid Form: To obtain pricing in a consistent format.
  • RFx Templates User Guide: A step-by-step manual for utilizing our model RFx
    templates effectively

Key Features:

  • Developed by seasoned procurement and legal professionals.
  • Fully compliant with trade agreements.
  • Embodies best practices of RFx template design.
  • Crafted in plain English for easy comprehension.
  • User-friendly interface for seamless navigation.
  • Easily customizable, complete with comprehensive customization instructions.

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The new RFx templates are so much easier as a procurement professional to use. It takes me less time to prepare an RFP than it did before. I have less bidders trying to change the contract. You have provided an excellent format for us to use. I have not had one bidder disqualified since using them. I have experienced smaller companies bid now because the documents are not as intimidating to use as our old template. As I have mentored new buyers on new templates, their feedback has been ‘this is so much easier to use!’ and they have demonstrated confidence when using them.

Strategic Procurement, Ontario College Senior Manager

Like the modularity of the forms. Suppliers are finding them easier to understand and follow. Easier overall because they are not as long but continue to have the necessary details. A big change for us and I think they are overall more professional (difficult to quantify, but more of a feeling from the team)

Ontario College Director, Procurement

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