CMP 101: Contract Management Program Essentials for Individuals


• Format: Self-directed online
• Duration: Approx. 8 Hours
• Prerequisites: N/A

This comprehensive program is designed for individuals at any level interested in better understanding contracts of purchase and sale for various commodities including goods, services, software, and construction. The course is intended for persons involved in contract reviews or contract management such as procurement and contract professionals, business executives, finance officers, paralegals, lawyers, engineers, and architects. It provides foundational knowledge for individuals working in either the private or public sector whether supporting procurement or sales.

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  • The Canadian legal system
  • Principles of Canadian contract law
  • Contract law basics
  • Common purchase/sale contract provisions
  • Developing the contract and scope of work
  • Differences between commodity-specific purchase/sale contracts
  • Managing the contract
  • Relationship management
  • Managing contract disputes
  • Compliance management
  • Managing through conflicts
  • Amending the contract
  • Terminating the contract
  • Capturing lessons learned

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the phases of the procurement and contract management lifecycle from budget approval to contract close-out.
  • Identify key players in an organization’s budget and contract approval framework.
  • Understand common approaches used in the procurement of goods and services.
  • Understand basic contract law principles and the meaning of common legal provisions.
  • Gain knowledge on how to develop a strong statement of work, the heart of any procurement.
  • Identify contract provisions needed when buying varying commodities.
  • Understand principles of negotiation and conflict management.
  • Review contract management best practices.

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will have a foundational understanding of the key principles involved in establishing contracts for various types of commodities including goods, services, equipment, and software and understand the basics of contract management.


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