Procurement & Contract Planning

Procurement & Contract Planning: Canadian Public Sector Guide

Author: Graham Allen It is often said, “… working in public procurement is akin to being in a fish bowl with the cat watching.” This is an indication of the level of transparency and accountability required by public procurement professionals. A key aspect to keeping the cat away is a strong foundational procurement document that […]


Navigating the 5 Steps of the Procurement Journey Part 2

Author: Graham Allen In the second of two parts of “Navigation the Five Steps of the Procurement Journey” we’ll be covering posting, evaluation, award and close out. Step 3 Posting Once the procurement document is developed and approved it is posted online for bidders to respond. The posting time is determined primarily by the procurement’s […]

navigating the 5 steps of the procurement journey

Navigating the 5 Steps of the Procurement Journey Part 1

Author: Graham Allen There are many similarities and differences between public and private procurement. However, the greatest overlap is the procurement life cycle or as some refer to it as the Procurement Journey.  This two-part series discusses the five steps of the procurement journey beginning with concept and development and continuing with posting, evaluation and […]