strategies for designing a contract management plan

Strategies for Designing a Contract Management Plan

Author: Liz Busch Planning for a procurement should consider the entire procurement lifecycle, including contract management and close-out.  However, it’s difficult to anticipate everything that may occur after the contract is signed – how does one plan for the unpredictable? The answer is to develop a contract management plan that includes strategies for: Establishing a […]

the planning phase of procurement

Finding the 2nd Right Answer: The Planning Phase of Procurement

Author: Larry Berglund The anchoring effect in decisions can be a self-limiting influence. Our awareness of past practices has a large affect on our future decisions. Our options moving forward are based on what we know and any deviations invite a sense of risk. What we did last month to run a competitive process or […]

The Purpose of Procurement

The Purpose of Procurement: How ESG is Changing our Roles

Author: Larry Berglund Major global events have been impacting supply chains for years: the shift from a fossil fuel energy supply to renewables; the digitalization of information; the electrification of transportation; the need for decarbonization to reduce emissions; eliminating plastics and waste; the pandemic; the circular economy; global warming; and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) […]

steps to building a strong procurement strategy

Top 10 Foundational Steps To Building A Strong Procurement Strategy

Author: Liz Busch Do you feel that your organization may not be strategically procuring the goods, services and construction it needs?  You’re not alone! Some organizations manage procurement reactively, where each acquisition is a stand-alone procurement once a need is identified which can ultimately result in multiple separate procurements for similar commodities.  Overall, this approach […]