PSPP 101: Public Sector Procurement Essentials


• Format: Self-directed online
• Duration: Approx. 8 Hours – 6 month access
• Prerequisites: N/A

In this interactive course, participants learn about the fundamental principles that govern public sector procurement in Canada. We explain the processes, law and specific nuances that can affect procurement activities, and the key legal differences between regular contract law and competitive contracting law. Duties and obligations of purchasers and suppliers during a competitive process are also explored.

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  • Principles and objectives of public-sector procurement, standards of conduct and ethical procurement practices, sustainability and other procurement policies
  • Similarities and differences between public- and private-sector procurement
  • Trade agreements, freedom of information and other legislative obligations, including confidentiality issues
  • Essential elements of a legally binding contract, implications of oral contracts and other legal considerations
  • Key differences between regular contract law and competitive contracting, including duties and obligations of owners and vendors
  • Types and forms of contracts, competitive contracting methods, tools and templates, including prequalification and market sounding tools
  • Introduction to the procurement and contract management cycle – overview of key steps in planning, solicitation and award, managing and evaluation

This course should be mandatory for all buying positions within the public sector. It is invaluable in terms of the must-know information it provides regarding public-sector procurement.

Linda L

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the fundamental sources of public sector procurement principles and objectives, including trade agreements, legislation and organizational policies
  • Differentiate between regular contract law and competitive contract law
  • Review available procurement methods and tools, including market assessment and prequalification options
  • Be aware of the risks of negligence claims, and the importance of controlling who provides information to respondents
  • Adopt best practices by capturing and incorporating lessons learned
  • Define copyright, moral rights and other key legal principles that influence public-sector procurement
  • Describe the steps necessary to obtain approvals to proceed with a procurement
  • Recognize the key steps of the solicitation and award phase of procurement, including proper handling, safekeeping and opening of bids and proposals
  • Describe the key steps in the managing and evaluation phase of procurement

I took this course as I regularly participate in RFX processes and evaluations. I manage contracts every day and needed additional info and confidence to fully understand the implications of procurement decisions and contract management.

Kelly Coles City of Calgary

Expected Outcomes

After completing PSPP 101, you will understand the key steps in effectively planning any public sector procurement, as well as how to obtain approvals to proceed and key areas of risk when conducting the solicitation process.

At a high level, you will be able to identify the important components of any solicitation document and resulting contract. You’ll also learn about obligations to maintain appropriate and complete documentation in procurement files.

PSPP Essentials has given me a better understanding of the overall process, specifically learned a lot about the Acts. Very easy to follow, at one’s own pace. The content was thorough, can’t wait to start the next course.”

Eric Drouin Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l'Est ontarien

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