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The Government of Ontario employs approximately 67,000 staff across the province. For the past few years, the Supply Chain Management Division of the Ministry of Government Services within the Ontario Government has provided an annual training initiative to its staff, sourced via an annual Request for Services (RFS) to pre-qualified vendors on the Vendor of Record.

The Challenge

The staff was in need of additional knowledge and skills in the areas of contract negotiations, vendor relationship management, and managing contract expectations and performance. In addition, the Executives involved in the procurement processes needed a refresher on the laws and obligations of public sector bodies during a competitive process.

All training had to be delivered within a very specific time frame of one week.

The Procurement School Response

Following detailed consultation with the Government of Ontario, The Procurement School proposed a mixed approach based on experience levels:

  • Two offerings of the executive level course: Legal Update and Best Practices in Procurement and Contract Management
  • One offering of the course: Managing and Evaluating Contract Performance
  • One offering of the course: How to Negotiate and Resolve Contract Disputes

Each course would incorporate interactive exercises and real life scenarios. The Procurement School would also work with the client to understand the roles and titles of each participant, so that they could further customize the course to their needs. In addition, The Procurement School agile business model meant that they could easily flex to accommodate the specific timing requirements of the training.

Proven Value

The Procurement School was selected from a Vendor of Record (VoR) for both the 2009 and 2010 annual training. As the successful proponent, The Procurement School added value beyond the initial scope of requirements by taking the time to learn about participants’ job functions, which resulted in course material that allowed time and emphasis on areas that needed additional focus.

By collaborating with the client to develop customized case studies that pertained specifically to the Government of Ontario’s operational environment, The Procurement School ensured that the participants received relevant, real world training that could be immediately applied to their daily jobs and deliver quantifiable business benefits to the Province.

The Procurement School focused efforts were met with high evaluation scores and extremely positive participant feedback. As a result, The Procurement School has been invited to participate again in the upcoming RFS for this program.

Forward Thinking

What if you could get the most out of your budget without sacrificing the quality of goods and services delivered to your organization?

What if you could clearly demonstrate return on investment for your training dollars?


We help organizations ensure their procurement professionals remain up to date on new developments and best practices.

The Procurement School offers customizable training based on the unique needs of the organization and the current procurement legal and business landscape. Value is delivered through courses, curriculum consulting, and ongoing communications such as our newsletter which now incorporates The Legal Edge.

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