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The Challenge

In 2011, Community Living BC (CLBC) identified the need to develop a new procurement policy and corresponding procurement and contracting guide. There were many factors to take into account when selecting a vendor to develop the training module. They had an implementation target of just six months, and multiple stakeholder groups to consider, including the Central Purchasing Agency and the Learning Agency. In addition, CLBC wanted the training program to have longevity with the view that they could eventually take over the module delivery themselves to keep costs down.

The Procurement School Response

In order to address the aggressive timeline for the development of the training module, The Procurement School applied solid project management rigor to the process. They began by working with all client stakeholders to thoroughly collect the key requirements that would inform a detailed project plan with clear milestones, action items, dependencies, and contingencies. Throughout the lifecycle of the project, The Procurement School held regular status meetings, performed detailed documentation, and kept the lines of communication with CLBC wide open to ensure the course materials were a custom fit within the operational context and culture of the organization and its stakeholders.

Proven Value

The result was a half day training module which met all of the unique needs set out by CLBC and its stakeholders and, due to The Procurement School assertive project management approach, was completed earlier than the targeted date. The module was also developed in such a way that CLBC could take over the delivery after having The Procurement School conduct the first few sessions, saving them future expenses, while maintaining the quality of training. The efficiency with which the module was developed, combined with its enduring design, have resulted in cost efficiencies and the maximization of training budgets for CLBC.

Forward Thinking

What if you could get the most out of your budget without sacrificing the quality of goods and services delivered to your organization?

What if you could clearly demonstrate return on investment for your training dollars?


We help organizations ensure their procurement professionals remain up to date on new developments and best practices.

The Procurement School offers customizable training based on the unique needs of the organization and the current procurement legal and business landscape. Value is delivered through courses, curriculum consulting, and ongoing communications such as our newsletter which now incorporates The Legal Edge.

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