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The Challenge

In January 2010, the Development Services Branch of Accommodation and Real Estate Services (ARES) for the Province of British Columbia contacted The Procurement School to inquire about its popular course: How to Avoid Indecent Proposals.They had heard great things about the course, and wanted to deliver it to staff in Victoria and Kelowna. Unfortunately, there was a recent mandate imposed on all training budgets which restricted travel. As a result, it appeared that they could only afford to train one of the groups that year.

The Procurement School Response

In order to accommodate the travel and budgetary challenges faced by the Development Services Branch, The Procurement School adapted the course in such a way that allowed an in-person, classroom session for the Victoria group, and a virtual conference into that session for the team in Kelowna.

Proven Value

By enabling the Kelowna team to attend the Victoria session from the comfort of their own boardroom, both teams were able to participate in the session equally. This meant consistent training across both teams, and the maximization of reduced training budgets. The Procurement School flexible approach to each new engagement was demonstrated in this case by not only adjusting to accommodate geographically dispersed teams, but also through their use of the client’s in-house conferencing software. Using tools that were familiar to both teams allowed participants to feel comfortable and allowed them to focus on learning.

Forward Thinking

What if you could get the most out of your budget without sacrificing the quality of goods and services delivered to your organization?

What if you could clearly demonstrate return on investment for your training dollars?


We help organizations ensure their procurement professionals remain up to date on new developments and best practices.

The Procurement School offers customizable training based on the unique needs of the organization and the current procurement legal and business landscape. Value is delivered through courses, curriculum consulting, and ongoing communications such as our newsletter which now incorporates The Legal Edge.

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