Our customers

Beginning as NECI in 1980, the Procurement School serves a diverse client base comprised of Canadian public sector organizations and individuals, who conduct procurement and contracting activities. Pro-active by nature, our clients recognize the immense value of the ‘preventative maintenance’ approach to procurement training. They understand the return on investment from providing their staff with early and regular education about the ever-changing Canadian procurement landscape. Our clients fully appreciate that risk management begins with risk identification, and have a sincere desire to attract, engage and retain top performing procurement professionals. In a nutshell, we are in the business of providing education, training, content creation, community, and consulting in procurement and contract management online and in person across public and private sector in Canada.

Our History


Since 1980, The Procurement School has been helping Canadian public sector organizations realize maximum value through their procurement and contracting activities. Incorporating the latest developments in adult education and curriculum design, our online and blended learning options capture the latest legal, practical, and business developments to empower procurement professionals to improve contract outcomes.

About us